Fiddle Dancer

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ISBN: 978-0920915-76-9
Authors: Wilfred Burton and Anne Patton
Illustrator: Sherry Farrell Racette
Translator: Norman Fleury
Format: Book/CD, English/Michif-Cree
Awards: Nominated—2007 Regina Book AwardChildren’s Literature Award, and First Book Award,
Saskatchewan Book Awards
Nominated—2007 Children’s Book of the YearÂnskohk Aboriginal Literature Festival
Nominated—2009 Shining Willow AwardThe Willow Awards
Grade Level: Primary
Fiddle Dancer tells the tale of  a young Métis boy, Nolin, and his growing awareness of his Métis heritage and identity while his “Mooshoom” or grandfather, teaches hime to dance.  Authors Wilfred Burton and Anne Patton masterfully weave a childhood story rich in Métis culture and language.  This delightful story captures the importance of Elders as role models, a child’s apprehension at learning new things, and the special bond between grandparents and children.  Sherry Farrell Racette provides many beautiful illustrations for the book.