The Diamond Willow Walking Stick

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Leah Marie Dorion’s The Diamond Willow Walking Stick: A Traditional Métis StoryAbout Generosity focuses on a Métis Elder’s remembrances of traditional teachings about generosity that were taught to him by his grandparents during his childhood. These lifelong lessons imparted on him “how to live in a good Métis way,” and taught him how to live with respect within the circle of life. In this charming children’s book, the third in an ongoing series on traditional Métis culture, author and illustrator Leah Marie Dorion takes the reader on another enchanting journey while once again honouring the special bond between Métis children and their grandparents. With breathtaking artwork and an elegant Michif translation by Norman Fleury, this heartfelt, coming of age story will resonate with both young and old. This book also includes a chart on the uses of the willow tree and an accompanying narration CD in English and Michif-Cree.  This retelling of a traditional Métis story is most suitable for younger children.

Author/Illustrator: Leah Marie Dorion
Michif-Cree Tranlator: Norman Fleury
Grade Level: Primary
Format: Book/CD, English/Michif-Cree