The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Métis Story

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This charming story, richly steeped in Métis culture, focuses on the boyhood reminisces of Moushoom as he describes finding the “great giving tree” with his mother and father. This vibrantly illustrated children’s book is a beautiful retelling of a traditional Métis story. Both Leah Marie Dorion and the Gabriel Dumont Institute are very pleased to share this story with the Métis and larger communities since it emphasizes Métis core values and beliefs including strength, kindness, courage, tolerance, honesty, respect, love, sharing, caring, balance, patience, and most of all, the important connection with the Creator and Mother Earth. This resource also includes a Métis values chart, and an accompanying narration CD in English and Michif.

ISBN: 978-0-920915-90-5
Author/Illustrator: Leah Marie Dorion
Translator: Norman Fleury
Grade Level: Primary
Format: Book/CD, English/Michif-Cree
Awards: Nominated—2010 Shining Willow AwardThe Willow Awards